Serena Mule

   Jan 23

How much water you use? Saving precious money and water with a rain water tank

water joyIf you have been taking a closer look at your home’s water bill in recent months, you may be surprised to discover just how much water your home uses. Water use in Australia can vary significantly, but according to Data 360, the average Australian uses about 493 litres of water each day. This places Australians second in water use on a global basis behind the United States. Whether your family uses more or less water than the average Australian, you nonetheless can benefit from discovering innovative ways to conserve water and to decrease your dependency on the public water supply.

The Main Sources of Water Use around the House

According to South Australian Water’s website, most homeowners use water in a relatively similar fashion around the house. Approximately 40 percent of residential water use is used for irrigation, gardening or outdoor use. Bathing and showering are responsible for about 20 percent of the average home’s water consumption, followed by 16 percent for the laundry room and 11 percent each for the kitchen and toilet. This can vary from home to home, but generally, you may find that your home’s water consumption follows a similar trend.

Water Tanks for Outdoor Use

rain water tank such as a slimline tank or poly tank, can be installed so that they collect rainwater that falls onto the roof of your home (and assist with water scarcity). In most cases, these tanks are placed so that they are attached to the downspout of your gutters, to save rain water and store it in the water tank. As rain passes through the gutters, it is collected in the tanks. The homeowner can then use this water later for irrigation or landscaping purposes. Many models of water tanks feature an outlet so that your water hose can attach directly to the tank.


   Oct 08

Verengo Solar: Company Review

Verengo Solar installation Moving towards a more efficient energy option is the way of the future. Verengo Solar provides homes with a chance to reap the benefits of solar power. This company is one of the nation’s leading solar energy providers and have established world class standards.
Those individuals who are still wondering about the perks of solar power are eligible for ‘free consultations’. This places Verango Power above their peers as a free consultation allows potential consumers to gauge the worth of obtaining solar power. Experienced professionals are sent to answer all possible queries in a concise and courteous manner. This allows the potential customer an opportunity to realize the value of solar power in their lives.
It is time to move away from the price hikes of other energy options. The world has moved towards more environmental and economically friendly options. Solar power is the way of the future and Verango Solar are leading the way.