Serena Mule

   May 16

Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt

Watch this video about hte cliamte chagne hoax being exposed.

   Feb 20

Climate change and its affect on our health

global warmingFor the past 50 years, man has contributed a lot to climate change. The use of fossil fuels is known to be the leading source of substances like green house gases and carbon dioxide, both of which are known to affect the global climate negatively. Rising sea levels, melting glaciers as well as changing patterns of precipitation are enough to tell us that global warming is increasing and this poses a serious threat to human health.

Before we can elaborate how global climate change is threatening our lives, let us meditate the following facts given by the World Health Organization. (more…)

   Feb 13

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming and climate change is an ever present topic of discussion among politicians and city folks. Take a look at this video and find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint and help save the planet.

   Feb 06

How recycling can help save the planet

recyclingPeople take for granted the fact that they live in clean neighbourhoods free from litter and dirt. They seem to underestimate the work that goes on in the background to ensure that the environment is kept clean and healthy as possible. The supposed modernisation of the human race has led to the production of articles like plastic bags and containers that have a negative impact on the environment if not disposed of correctly. To help the planet remain at its best, a lot is done in determining how recycling can help save the planet. (more…)

   Jan 28

Climate Change: Lines of Evidence

Check out this climate change video.

   Jan 24

Climate Change and its Effects on Agriculture

agricultureClimate change or global warming is an overall increase in temperatures around the planet, with an increase of about 0.8 degrees Celsius since the early 20th century (about two-thirds of that since 1980). Scientists are about 90% certain that this increase is due to human greenhouse-gas production.

Since agriculture depends on environmental conditions, it’s extremely vulnerable to climate change. The climate change-induced effects on temperature, carbon dioxide levels, glacial runoff, and precipitation may alter the productivity of worldwide agriculture significantly. These changes may be severe enough to call into question whether it’s possible for the Earth to produce enough food for the human population and our domesticated animals.

On the other hand, modern agricultural practices also increase the rate of climate change. Agriculture produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Clearing land to make space for crops creates deforestation and desertification, changing the way the land absorbs or reflects heat back into the atmosphere. Working the land with modern tools even produces significant emissions through the burning of fossil fuels. (more…)

   Jan 23

How much water you use? Saving precious money and water with a rain water tank

water joyIf you have been taking a closer look at your home’s water bill in recent months, you may be surprised to discover just how much water your home uses. Water use in Australia can vary significantly, but according to Data 360, the average Australian uses about 493 litres of water each day. This places Australians second in water use on a global basis behind the United States. Whether your family uses more or less water than the average Australian, you nonetheless can benefit from discovering innovative ways to conserve water and to decrease your dependency on the public water supply.  (more…)

   Oct 08

Verengo Solar: Company Review

Verengo Solar installation Moving towards a more efficient energy option is the way of the future. Verengo Solar provides homes with a chance to reap the benefits of solar power. This company is one of the nation’s leading solar energy providers and have established world class standards.
Those individuals who are still wondering about the perks of solar power are eligible for ‘free consultations’. This places Verango Power above their peers as a free consultation allows potential consumers to gauge the worth of obtaining solar power. Experienced professionals are sent to answer all possible queries in a concise and courteous manner. This allows the potential customer an opportunity to realize the value of solar power in their lives.
It is time to move away from the price hikes of other energy options. The world has moved towards more environmental and economically friendly options. Solar power is the way of the future and Verango Solar are leading the way.

   Feb 24

Six Steps to Creative Landscaping

landscapingLandscaping Washington DC offers beautiful landscaping ideas for every type of garden. Plants and ornaments are spread out in areas where guests discover little surprises around every corner. There is natural transition from one area to the next, as exemplified by the gradual change of foliage shape, size and color, and the arrangement of the various elements.

Design Principles

Keep the Look Simple. The beauty of simplicity in landscape design is self-evident. Keep elements to a minimum by limiting plants to two or three colors and within a certain theme. Likewise, use rocks and boulders selectively. Example is a trellis that features a jade vine hovering over an arrangement of river boulders. A shady area may be planted with rosemary, marjoram and creepers accented with violet bell and red coleus.

Aim for Harmony. Harmony is produced when the various elements come together to achieve a total effect. This can be accomplished by the blending of size, texture and color or the use of a unifying theme or motif, with the elements conveying a central idea through a coherent look. (more…)

   Jan 11

The Advantages of Solar Power

For many people today, the need for alternative heating has become increasingly important. With fuel prices at an all time high, it can be more than a bit of a struggle to manage the costs of heating. (more…)

   Oct 06

Aerosol Data Key to Improving Climate Predictions

aerosol canAlthough aerosol has been a useful propellant, the ecological effects of humanities decades long usage of aerosol based sprays may devastate the ozone layer. Due to prolonged usage, the materials used in aerosol have contributed to the increase in the greenhouse effect plaguing the upper atmosphere and causing global climate change. (more…)

   Oct 06

Printer and copier sustainability

printing sustainabilityIn a typical office, printers and copiers are often the biggest energy consumers. These machines are vital to almost every workplace, and because they are so important to office communication, they can eat up a large piece of the budget.
To help reduce expense in the office due to using printers and photocopiers, as well as to increase sustainability and help protect the environment, an office staff can take several relatively simple measures. Recycling, whether the company owns or leases the machine, recycling options are widely available.


   Oct 06

Wastewater reuse

Water is a precious resource, and as industrial waste increases and drought becomes more common in various areas of the world, it has become even more precious. Safely recycling water used in industrial applications is a step forward in preserving this vital part of earth’s environment. (more…)

   Oct 06

The Silent Evolution of Trees

treeThe earliest known tree, meaning a plant with a crown, woody trunk, and root system, was the fern-like twenty-five foot tall Wattieza which evolved about 385 million years ago. Since that time, continental drift, reproductive dispersal, climate change, and the co-evolution of animal species have played important parts in the evolution and diversification of tree species.

Fossils of Wattieza were first found in upstate New York in a bed of land that had been near the equator on the continent of Pangaea when the tree was alive. They reproduced by means of motile spores which began to migrate across the continent. Forestation caused a drop in carbon dioxide levels which led, through natural selection, to the rise of leafy plants and trees capable of retaining more of the gas needed for photosynthesis.